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Anatomy: Is It Possible That We Hear Better In The Dark?

Yes, hearing is improved significantly in the dark. You will find plenty of reasons why people can hear better in the dark. There are people that say they can hear better during the night and not just in the dark; from a Physics point of view, this actually makes sense since it is known that […]

Hearing Aids: Cabin Pressure When Traveling By Air: Detrimental To Hearing Aids?

Even if you are suffering from hearing loss, you should not let this problem hinder your need or desire to travel. So long as you take the right care and get the right amount of attention for your needs, you should not have any problems taking any type of transportation. And for a lot of […]

Hearing Loss: Hearing Aids: Do All Seniors Require Them Eventually?

As we grow older, the ear ossciles fuse, lowering the sound frequency that enters the ear and affects hearing. Hearing loss among senior citizens is caused by degeneration of nerve tissues in the inner ear, something that happens with age, progressing as the person advances into old age. There are actually four types of hearing […]

Hearing Loss: Hearing Difficulties And Laughing: What You Should Know

You may want to start taking better care of your ears; hearing loss is the third among the most common health problems in the United States alone. In any case ears are quite sensitive and are complex part of the human body. Aside from aging, you will find there are a number of every day […]

Preventative Care: The Possible Hearing Loss Dangers of Using Head Phones?

While there are a lot of people that enjoy turning up the volume of their ear phones and listening to loud music to pass time or to relax, experts actually have shown evidence that turning up the volume of head phones or ear phones too high can cause damage to the ear’s nerve cells which […]

Preventative Care: The Risk Of Child Ear Infections Is That They Can Result In Troubles In Adult Life

In medical terms, ear infections are describe as otitis media. When people have an earache, it is almost always an infection. Most ear infections occur in children, who are quite distressed by it.|However, it does also occur in adults. The middle ear, right behind the eardrum, is where most infections take place. The bones of […]

Perforated Eardrums: Causes, Prevention, Indicators and Treatment

Your eardrum serves two very important functions: naturally, it vibrates when it senses sound waves, but it also serves as a barrier to protect the sensitive inner ear from infection. Whenever your eardrum is fully intact, your inner ear is basically a protected and sterile environment; however when it has been perforated or torn, harmful […]

Introduction to the Symptoms and Treatment Choices for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Vertigo, defined as a sensation of motion where the person or the person’s environment appear to spin and move, is generally regarded as a rather uncomfortable experience. Feelings of vertigo can affect your balance and lead to falls that can be serious in the elderly; it might also be accompanied by dizziness, sensations of spinning […]

A Ruptured Eardrum: What Is It and How to Recognize It

Your eardrum performs two vital functions: naturally, it vibrates when it senses sound waves, but it also works as a barrier to guard the sensitive inner ear from infection. When fully intact, the eardrum isolates the inner ear setting up a clean and sterile environment. When the ear drum is perforated or torn, the inner […]

A Look at Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV: Signs and Treatment

People with vertigo mistakenly experience motion (commonly a spinning motion) in their surroundings. Vertigo can hinder balance, causing falls which can be dangerous in the elderly, and may be accompanied by dizziness, a feeling that you are spinning or falling, and in extreme instances migraines, vomiting, nausea, an inability to see properly (nystagmus), and even […]