Common Health Concerns Of Musicians

Musicians of all genres have had different health concerns for several years. Musicians, especially those in rock bands, need to learn about the common health problems suffered by people in the industry so they can seek the right treatments and improve their quality of life. Vocalists, regardless of music genre, is the first person to suffer health issues. The problem with vocalists is unlike other band members, their “instrument” is a part of their anatomy and is subject to the most wear and abuse not only during recording sessions and performances, but also when they communicate on a daily basis. There are different factors that affect one’s voice and result in abuse; first of them is improper singing techniques which results in lack of, or incorrect vocal training. One’s voice is also abused in excessive performances; rehearsals especially when there isn’t enough vocal warm up before singing.

Constant traveling can also take its toll not just on vocalists but also to all the members of the band. Vocalists are affected by the constant low temperatures inside tour buses; cars and aircraft cabins. On the other hand, sitting for long periods of time during travels can cause spine problems and stiff neck for having to sleep sitting up (unless said band is flying on a chartered plane or first class). Because of higher noise levels in airplanes and tour buses, hearing problems can also develop among musicians. Also, exposure to very loud music and noise in concerts can cause hearing problems. Then there is also fatigue which is caused by having to perform almost every night and traveling to different places for several weeks or even months when promoting records or going on concert tours. Visual impairment is also common among instrumentalists as well as carpal tunnel syndrome from playing musical instruments for several hours.

Using and abusing recreational drugs and alcohol is another reason for emotional and physical health problems among musicians. Because abusing drugs and alcohol can lower inhibitions, band members overtax themselves during every performance which can cause extreme physical strain. Stress related illnesses such as hypertension, migraines and body pains are also common among musicians. So if you are a musician especially a member of a rock band, looking into a number of tips can help you avoid these health problems. To begin with, it is important to have enough time between recording sessions and concerts to give the body sufficient time to recover from the stresses of travel and having to perform in front of crowds for several times for days and weeks at a time. It is also important that you get sufficient sleep and drink plenty of water so you can avoid getting dehydrated and fatigue.

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