Do I Have To Have A Prescription To Get Assistive Hearing Aids?

Many people don’t realize just how complex a hearing aid actually is. Science never stands still and newer, better and more complicated devices are constantly being developed. Interestingly, however, they have just a single role to play. This is simply to amplify sound, so that people with hearing loss get some relief. However, hearing aids are not able to cure hearing problems. Their goal is simply to create a greater quality of life for people with hearing problems. Due to the fact that all types of hearing loss are different, a hearing aid has to be prescribed by a qualified professional, just as glasses and medicines do. In order to make sure this happens, prescription is controlled by the RHPA (Regulated Health Professions Act.

Those companies who claim that they can dispense hearing aids without prescription are actually breaking the law. The way they get around this is by selling products that amplify some sound, but are really not suitable for proper hearing problems. Those who can prescribe real hearing aids have to be fully qualified and registered. The only people who can prescribe a hearing aid are audiologists; all the dispensers, specialists, practitioners and dealers can’t. However, all these other specialists can dispense a hearing aid, if it has been prescribed to you. Audiologists have to pass a number of very stringent tests in order to prescribe, and they are constantly tested on this. This is in place so that people will actually benefit from their hearing aids. The reality is that a non-prescribed device can do more harm than good.

People who suffer from hearing loss actually hear things differently from other people. Hearing is highly complex and different for each individual. This is why it is so important that only those who really understand hearing are responsible for the prescription of hearing aids. Their role is also to make sure that a hearing aid is programmed in such a way that the patient gets maximum benefit from them. It should be clear, from this, why buying a hearing aid without proper prescription is such a bad idea, because only trained professionals truly understand how the ear works. People do have a choice, however, as they can shop around for the most suitable hearing aid for them once they have their prescription. Whether or not this is fully possible depends in a large part on your insurance company. If you feel you need a hearing aid, you should first make an appointment with an audiologist, who will discuss the process with you before writing out a prescription.

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