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Military Service Resulting in Hearing Loss and Tinnitus – What Should We Do?

Approximately 20% of all Americans have some form of hearing loss, but there is one particular segment of the population in which that percentage is notably larger – veterans, particularly those who’ve served in foreign combat zones. Hearing loss and tinnitus are now the most common service-related disabilities among military personnel who served in Iraq […]

How Do Elephants, Cockroaches and Other Animals Hear?

An interesting observation that shows just how essential hearing is to living species on the earth is that while researchers have identified various kinds of reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and mammals who were blind, they have been unable to locate any naturally deaf species. That said, the ability to hear does not necessarily call for ears. […]

Crowded Rooms, Background Noise and Your Hearing

Our patients frequently ask us why they seem to have greater difficulty hearing in crowded spaces than in other situations. Person-to-person conversations and even small group conversations don’t cause them any trouble. But in a crowd, such as a noisy party or in large public gatherings, suddenly it becomes difficult to understand what the person […]

Parental Guide to Indicators of Childhood Hearing Problems

Based on data from the National Institutes of Health, out of every 1,000 children in the United States, 2 to 3 are born deaf or with impaired hearing abilities. During childhood, hearing loss may occur from physical injury, disease, exposure to loud noises, or structural abnormalities in the ear. Whatever the cause, testing hearing early […]

Suggestions for Musicians Regarding Ear Protection

In addition to all of them being musicians, what do Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend and Jeff Beck have in common? As a result of years of performing, they all have permanent hearing loss. I often work with musicians who have experienced hearing damage as a result of their longtime love of playing music. […]