Hearing Aids At Discount Stores – The Disadvantages

Hearing aids as we know, can cost a lot of money so it is not very surprising to know that there are people that look for easier to afford options. Affordability of course is the reason why hearing aids sold in wholesale outlets such as WalMart or Costco have grown in popularity. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to save money especially in hearing aids that would typically cost you almost $5,000 from independent providers or audiologists, you have to understand that with hearing aids, just like with any other product you buy, you would get exactly what you pay for. To be fair you will find a number of benefits of buying a hearing aid from these wholesale outlets or stores. For starters, you can get your hearing tested from hearing aid dispensers and even try wearing hearing aids while you are in the store so you can test them.

There are also people that are satisfied with the quality of the hearing aids they bought from wholesale stores or outlets. But of course, there are also plenty of reasons why buying hearing aids from wholesale stores may not be the best option. First of all, buying a hearing aid from wholesale outlets – cheap as they are – would leave you stuck with the stores. You need to keep in mind that when you buy a hearing aid, you are going to establish a relationship with the dealer or the audiologist you would buy the hearing aid from; a relationship in fact, that would last for many years. Buying from independent suppliers or providers gives you the freedom to switch providers if you are unhappy with the service they provide or if the supplier must move to another location.

When you buy a cheaper hearing aid from Costco or Walmart, you are going to be stuck with hearing aids that only their “audiologists” can program for you; meaning the device is “locked” and you cannot take them to independent suppliers for adjustment or even repairs. Also, hearing aids sometimes do have a mind of their own and you cannot really tell when you need assistance and buying from a wholesale store that only operates from 8am to 5pm does not provide you with the reliability of services that you need which is something that you can expect from independent providers. In addition, cheap hearing aids sold in wholesale outlets have limited styles or brands and features and if there is one thing that is important in buying a hearing aid, it is there is no one-size-fits-all solution, hearing aids should be tailor made to the specific needs of the wearer and that makes them costly.

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