Hearing Aids: Cabin Pressure When Traveling By Air: Detrimental To Hearing Aids?

Even if you are suffering from hearing loss, you should not let this problem hinder your need or desire to travel. So long as you take the right care and get the right amount of attention for your needs, you should not have any problems taking any type of transportation. And for a lot of people in the United States alone, traveling with hearing loss can be more than just a challenge. Considering that hearing aids are quite complex electronic devices, it is only natural to be a little concerned about using them in an airplane. Especially when there are a number of things you can do to make air travel safe, enjoyable and comfortable for you even if you are wearing these hearing devices. You need not even take the device off when you go through screening procedures in the airport. You after all, need to keep your hearing aid turned on so as to communicate effectively with TSA and airport officials.

Hearing devices are not in any way, considered as inconveniences when you pass through airport metal detectors, checkpoints and even inside the plane. Your hearing aid would not be affected or damaged by any screening devices used in airports and you can pass through them safely and until you board the plane. Other than this there are no medical issues that concern wearing hearing aids in an airplane, not even an issue that relates cabin pressure with wearing a hearing aid during a flight. In any case, it would not hurt to keep a few air travel guidelines in mind if you are wearing hearing devices.

First of all, you need not remove your hearing aid during inspections and even if you pass through checkpoints in the airport. You should wear and turn on your hearing aid (lower the volume, if you wish) when you go through metal detectors; it is absolutely safe. If there is anything in the screening process that is unclear to you, ask the airport official to write any information you need to know down or ask them to look directly to you when they are speaking so you can read their lips. If you feel uncomfortable about passing through metal detectors while your hearing aid is turned on, you can ask the airport officials for a full body pat-down and visual inspection of the exterior components of your hearing aid so you can still be compliant with the safety regulations in the airport and board your flight without any hassles.

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