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A Look At The Directional Microphone Functionality In Hearing Aids

For many years, analog hearing aids have become quite popular and easily available. Said hearing aids have a mic that collects sounds and convert these sounds to energy which is then transferred to an amplifier to increase the strength of the energy; a receiver that converts the electrical energy to acoustic sounds which are then […]

Helping You Select The Most Effective Hearing Aid For Your Developing Child

A child only has to be 4 weeks old in order to be fitted with some sort of hearing assistive technology or hearing aid. Together with a hearing specialist, you must firstly determine which type of aid is best for your child. This is done in consultation with early intervention teams and an audiologist. Together, […]

What Occurs Once Your Hearing Aid Gets Wet?

You need to learn early on that your hearing aid is a complex device that needs to be taken care of in an attentive and careful manner. Although made to be strong and flexible, hearing aids can still be damaged easily if they are not properly cared for. Perhaps the most detrimental condition for a […]

The Brand New Hearing Aids – Intended For iPhone Users

A brand new and special hearing aid has been launched recently. This new hearing aid can connect to iPhones and all iOS devices. This has made it possible to listen to music and to use their phone. The device was created by Danish GN ReSound. The device is called LiNX and has been certified MFi […]

Examining The Variances Between Analog And Digital Hearing Aids

It is important to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a hearing aid. This makes a lot of sense especially when you consider the cost of a hearing aid however, it can be quite confusing however to decide which type of hearing aid you are going to spend your money on. Essentially, […]

A Guide To Be Confident Your Hearing Aid Is Fully Protected From Earwax

Earwax can be incredibly damaging to hearing aids. Cerumen is scooped into the sound outlet every time the hearing aid is inserted. This can be at the detriment of the sound quality. It may be necessary, therefore, to use a wax protection system, particularly if one is not built-in to the device. There are different […]

The Impact The Elements Could Have On Your Hearing Aids

It is important to understand that hearing aids are affected by both cold and hot weather. When we sweat in the hot summer months, hearing aids can get damaged by moisture. However, the cold can cause moisture damage as well. Condensation occurs when we go inside and outside of buildings, where we experience temperature fluctuations. […]

How Necessary Is A Dehumidifier For People Who Wear A Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are absolutely essential to many people. A hearing aid allows someone to enjoy a much greater quality of life, as well as helping them to avoid social isolation. This demonstrates just how important hearing aids are, and why people must take very good care of them. Hearing aids aren’t cheap, which demonstrates the […]

Hearing Aids At Discount Stores – The Disadvantages

Hearing aids as we know, can cost a lot of money so it is not very surprising to know that there are people that look for easier to afford options. Affordability of course is the reason why hearing aids sold in wholesale outlets such as WalMart or Costco have grown in popularity. While there is […]

Is It Bad To Use Assistive Hearing Devices And Headsets At The Same Time?

Unfortunately, if you wear a hearing aid, you will struggle to use earphones. However, there are ways out there to find headphones that are actually able to work. This is hugely important, since being able to listen to music is something we should all be able to do. Some of the latest hearing aids have […]