Hearing Assessments – The Advised Frequency

Hearing problems can happen at any age and is often caused by a number of factors: disease, drugs, genetics, trauma and very noisy environments. As such, undergoing annual hearing tests is important so you can quickly detect any problems that would require treatments. So how can you know if you should undergo hearing tests in the first place? First of all, you need to get a hearing test done if you are having a difficult time understanding speech or certain sounds particularly if there are ambient noises especially if you are talking to someone over the phone. If you notice that you keep on asking people to repeat what they have said or if you keep on feeling that they are mumbling something you did not hear well or keep on not hearing words clearly, this is another indicator that you may need to undergo a hearing test.

Another sign that a hearing test is needed is when you are constantly turning up the volume of your TV or radio and you have other people telling you to turn the volume down because the TV or radio is too loud. If you are under medication, using drugs that can affect hearing loss or cause hearing to deteriorate is another reason you need to take hearing tests on a regular basis. Suffering from head injuries or trauma is also another reason to get a hearing test done on a regular basis. If this is the case, then what are hearing tests? A hearing test is a painless procedure that is done by licensed audiologists that prepare audiograms which show your level of hearing loss. The audiologist would study the audio gram carefully so they can recommend the best treatment you should take or if you would have to buy and use hearing aids.

There are people that choose to do free hearing tests online as there are several websites that allow you to do free hearing tests where you click on a series of buttons that would correspond to sound frequencies so you can determine your hearing range. You need these hearing tests to have frequencies that range from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. You need to understand, however, that these online hearing tests are not professional results and that they are purely used as a reference; if you feel discomfort in your ears and feel that you are experiencing hearing loss, it is still advisable to seek the professional advice of an audiologist before you undergo treatment or spend money on hearing devices or use products that may have adverse effects.

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