Hearing Loss: Hearing Aids: Do All Seniors Require Them Eventually?

As we grow older, the ear ossciles fuse, lowering the sound frequency that enters the ear and affects hearing. Hearing loss among senior citizens is caused by degeneration of nerve tissues in the inner ear, something that happens with age, progressing as the person advances into old age. There are actually four types of hearing problems commonly seen among senior citizens. And you will find a number of reasons why Presbycusis occurs among senior citizens. Usually, the problem is caused by the changes that come with age in the inner ear but there are also changes in the outer and middle ear that affect the nerve pathways of the ear to the brain.

When suffering from Sensorineural hearing loss, the person’s inner ear is affected and the person loses hearing without warning. There are no specified treatments or medications for this hearing problem however, switching to a healthy diet, medications and surgery are known to help improve a person’s condition. It is very difficult for someone who is suffering from this hearing problem to effectively communicate with other people because they can only hear mumbling when another person is talking to them. At times, there are certain sounds that may seem a little too sound and very uncomfortable to hear. Vertigo is a symptom of Conductive hearing loss as well as quiet speech and tinnitus.

On the other hand, mixed hearing loss is a combination of Sensorineural and Conductive hearing loss, meaning there is damage in a person’s outer, middle and inner ear. There are a number of ways that this condition can be treated or at the very least, to help improve the quality of life of the individual. Although there are a number of treatments, there are many people that consult with audiologists and get fitted with hearing aids. It is important though, to keep a few things in mind before you decide to get fitted for a hearing aid. To start with, you need to be sure that you are going to spend your money on a hearing aid that will perfectly suit your specific needs. Take time to get to know the audiologist that you are going to consult with before you set an appointment. Choose an audiologist that has been around a long time and are highly recommended by their previous customers to be sure they can provide the services you need.

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