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Hearing Loss Article – Derrick Coleman Of The Seattle Seahawks

Derrick Lamont Coleman was born on October 18, 1990 and is the first legally deaf offensive in the history of the National Football League, playing for the Seattle Seahawks. After playing college football for the University of California Los Angeles, he was signed on as an un-drafted free agent in 2012 by the Minnesota Vikings. […]

The Connection Between Hearing Loss And Dementia

A study in 2011 had demonstrated that those who have hearing loss are at an increased risk of dementia. It was the Baltimore John Hopkins School of Medicine, working together with other United States researchers, who uncovered this relationship. There were 639 participants to this study, aged between 36 and 90. Between 1990 and 1994, […]

Is It Important To Do More Than Offer School Hearing Testing?

Kids have not been hearing screened in schools since 2009. As a result, a way to protect of our children’s hearing was gone. Since some 50 million Americans have hearing loss, this really is worrying. Let’s review a number of important statistics on hearing loss to further highlight this issue. About 84% of physicians do […]

How Can Hearing Loops In Public Buildings Help People That Are Hard Of Hearing

There are huge benefits of installing hearing loops in public buildings for people with hearing problems. There are very few people that understand the fact that even though people with hearing impairment wear hearing aids, they do not always receive a clear reception even if they are inside a building with a good P.A. system. […]

Whoopi Goldberg And Her Hearing Difficulties Account

Caryn Elaine Johnson, better known for her screen name, Whoopi Goldberg was born on November 13, 1953 and is an American actress, singer, songwriter, author, political activist and talk show host. Whoopi Goldberg made her debut in show business in 1982 in the movie Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away but […]

Your Genetics May Potentially Cause You To Be Prone To Hearing Problems

Hearing loss, also known as congenital deafness, is one of the most common of all birth defects. It is known to affect three in every 1,000 babies born. A large amount of this is due to genes. In fact, out of the deaf babies, 60% have this defect due to their genes. Additionally, it is […]

What Causes Single-Sided Hearing Problems?

When someone has hearing loss in only one ear, they have SSD (single-sided deafness) or UHL (unilateral hearing loss). The hearing loss itself can range from mild to profound. SSD and UHL can be congenital or progressive. A variety of different symptoms can be associated with the syndrome. The most commonly experienced issues include tinnitus, […]

Soft Drinks – Do They Really Trigger Hearing Loss?

First of all, humans have bodies that actually evolved on a diet that is high in fiber; meaning, humans used to have a diet full of vegetables and fruits. So going against the actual nature of your body would cause health problems, not to mention the possibility that your energy level would dissipate and yes, […]

The Link Between Drinking Red Wine And Hearing Health

Red grapes, and therefore red wine, contain resveratrol. We now know that this substance is important not just in protecting the heart, but also in protecting hearing and cognitive function. Laboratory rats showed less problems after being exposed to loud noises after consuming resveratrol. Bioinflammation is the main research area of the study. Bioinflammation is […]

Ronald Regan’s Personal Account Of Hearing Loss

Some 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan was in all the papers because he appeared publicly with a Starkey INTRA hearing aid. He was the first major public figures to publicly admit to need hearing aids. It is thanks to this move that hearing aids became far more publicly accepted. The Starkey Technology business also […]