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The Link Between Anxiety And Hearing

Our hearing and ears are incredibly sensitive to any kind of changes. Air pressure, for instance, can make our ears pop. Similarly, pressure inside your body affects your ears as well. As such, anxiety can affect your ears, since it is a whole body condition. The way your body responds to stress can include changes […]

The Connection Between Concussions As A Child And Adulthood Hearing Loss

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from a concussion, which is technically a brain injury. The happen when minor to major head trauma occurs, often after banging the head. It is quite common for concussions to occur in young people who play sports. A common consequence of concussions is post-concussion syndrome. The onset […]

The Truth About Migraines And Hearing Difficulties

It is clear that there is a link between migraines and hearing loss. Following a publication in a medical and scientific journal, it was outlined how those who suffer from migraines have an increased chance of suffering from hearing loss as well. Because of the research, which was conclusive, medical professionals pay a lot more […]

Top Five Professions That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Were you aware of the fact that hearing loss can be caused by your work? Hearing is one of your main assets, particularly at work. However, a large number of workplaces are so loud that they can actually damage your eardrums. Through research, we know that some 22 million people in our country alone are […]

Which Ailments Could Cause Hearing Difficulties?

A few diseases and illnesses are known to sometimes cause hearing loss. At the same time, however, it is very rare for these side effects to actually occur. The one exception to this rule, however, is Meniere’s disease, which almost always causes hearing loss. It is very rare for people to suffer from Meniere’s, which […]

Can My Hearing Actually Improve?

Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors. It is often a form of damage to the inner ear, which can be caused by injury, illness or simply age. At the same time, a range of different external factors can also cause it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do about […]

American Sign Language (ASL) For A Language Credit – A Review

For many of today’s students, especially those that are home schooled, getting a foreign language credit can be very difficult to do. There are a lot of private and public high school students in fact that actually pray that the state they are studying in does not require foreign language as a requisite for graduation. […]

Signal Of Hearing Difficulties In Tots

Every day, there are more than thirty babies that are born with hearing problems. It is important then to have hearing tests done on your baby at the earliest possible time to determine if he or she is hearing impaired. It is also vital that parents are made aware of the earliest warning signs of […]

How Do Deaf People “Talk?”

In what language do you think deaf people think? But it is also a fact that not everyone knows sign language or is familiar with it. For deaf people, using sign language is the best way to communicate. Apartt from sign language though, there are other methods and new technology that help the deaf learn […]

Prevalent Medications and Drugs on the Ototoxic List

There are countless medication promotions today with long lists of adverse side effects. Many people don’t realize that certain drugs are damaging to their hearing and may cause balance problems or deafness. These types of medications do exist and they are referred to as ototoxic. Both over-the-counter and prescription can be ototoxic. There are over […]