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Variations Between The Job Descriptions Of Hearing Instrument Specialists And Audiologists

Often, those who have hearing problems will require services from both an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist (HIS). However, most are not aware of the fact that the two professions are actually different. Indeed, it is almost as if only those who have had hearing problems actually understand that there is a difference in […]

Do I Have To Have A Prescription To Get Assistive Hearing Aids?

Many people don’t realize just how complex a hearing aid actually is. Science never stands still and newer, better and more complicated devices are constantly being developed. Interestingly, however, they have just a single role to play. This is simply to amplify sound, so that people with hearing loss get some relief. However, hearing aids […]

Hearing Assessments – The Advised Frequency

Hearing problems can happen at any age and is often caused by a number of factors: disease, drugs, genetics, trauma and very noisy environments. As such, undergoing annual hearing tests is important so you can quickly detect any problems that would require treatments. So how can you know if you should undergo hearing tests in […]

Using Speech Bananas in Hearing Loss Assessments and Hearing Tests

The expression “speech banana” can bring many funny images to mind, for instance a banana-shaped listening device, but that would be incorrect.Speech banana is a reference to the placement of sounds in an audiogram – a visual representation of someone’s hearing acuity inside a range of volumes and frequencies. Audiograms are graphs of sound frequency […]

Wondering about the Speech Banana? Learn What It Is and Why It Is So important

To start with an effort at humor, the “speech banana” is not related to that old skit, “Speak up…I can’t hear you…I’ve got a banana in my ear.” Speech banana is a reference to the placement of sounds in an audiogram – a graphic representation of someone’s hearing acuity within a range of volumes and […]