How Can Hearing Loops In Public Buildings Help People That Are Hard Of Hearing

There are huge benefits of installing hearing loops in public buildings for people with hearing problems. There are very few people that understand the fact that even though people with hearing impairment wear hearing aids, they do not always receive a clear reception even if they are inside a building with a good P.A. system. Not only that, very few people also understand that a hearing loop system installed in public buildings allow hearing aid wearers to hear more clearly. In order to understand how a hearing loop system benefits people wearing hearing aids, you need to learn more about hearing loops first. First of all, you need to know what a hearing loop system is. A hearing loop system is made up of an amplifier, microphone and instead of loudspeakers, coils of wire that are placed around the room or area where the system would be installed.

A hearing loop system works when the microphone gathers sound waves that are converted into an electric current which is then amplified and sent through the wires which then emits magnetic fields inside the room. The magnetic field is then picked up by the hearing aid and is amplified then converted back to sounds that are delivered to the wearer’s ears. A person wearing a hearing aid can easily hear the speaker’s voice with very minimal distortions and no background noise at all so long as the “T” switch on their hearing aid is turned on. What’s more, hearing loop systems are adaptable to radio, TV, movie projectors and tape recorders. A hearing loop system would work with hearing aids with a “T” switch and cochlear implants. If so, why are hearing loop systems preferable to many people?

To begin with, a hearing loop system is quite preferable among a lot of people that as they do not require people to wear extra devices that all but scream: “deaf”. Another reason behind the popularity of hearing loop systems in public buildings is they eliminate the need to assign extra staff members to provide assistance to people with hearing problems since the systems enables hearing aid wearers to hear more clearly. Standard Public Address or amplification systems are not enough for people with hearing problems since sound waves reflect from the walls which is perfectly alright to people with normal hearing. What happens is people wearing hearing aids do pick up sounds coming from the speakers but they cannot understand what is being said; explaining the importance of installing hearing loop systems in public buildings or establishments.

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