How Necessary Is A Dehumidifier For People Who Wear A Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are absolutely essential to many people. A hearing aid allows someone to enjoy a much greater quality of life, as well as helping them to avoid social isolation. This demonstrates just how important hearing aids are, and why people must take very good care of them. Hearing aids aren’t cheap, which demonstrates the importance of proper care even more. Hearing aids can cost anything from $500 to $6000. Hence, people should look at them as if they were an investment. Users can employ a number of simple steps to help them prolong the life of their hearing aid. When people first have a new hearing aid fitted, all of these steps will be properly explained to them. Using a dehumidifier is one of those steps.

Moisture can be fatal to a hearing aid. Unfortunately, when it is warm, we sweat and when it is cold we create condensation when we go in and out of buildings, meaning it is very difficult to keep the hearing aids are free from moisture. Luckily, hearing aid dehumidifiers are available to avoid problems caused by moisture. Different makes and models work in different ways, but most have a jar-like element into which the user leaves their hearing aid overnight. As such, it also means that people don’t have to go through the day without being able to hear.

The lifespan of a hearing aid could be as much as doubled by using a dehumidifier. This is also because the devices protect the hearing aid not just from moisture, but also from skin acid. They help to avoid various malfunctions and costly repairs. It is a little known fact that these devices are actually older than modern hearing aids, having been used since the Second World War. Of course, these devices didn’t have anything to do with hearing aids, but were instead used to protect radars and radios. However, the technology stuck around and even NASA now uses it. Hearing aids are incredibly sophisticated tools and this must never be forgotten. It is always a bad idea to introduce moisture to any piece of electrical equipment. Those who use a dehumidifier protect the internal components of their hearing aids as well. This is true for all makes, models and brands of hearing aids. Although it is your right to not use a dehumidifier if you have a hearing aid, this would be a very bad decision. It is best to speak to your hearing specialist in order to find out which brand of dehumidifier best suits your particularly hearing aid.

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