Signal Of Hearing Difficulties In Tots

Every day, there are more than thirty babies that are born with hearing problems. It is important then to have hearing tests done on your baby at the earliest possible time to determine if he or she is hearing impaired. It is also vital that parents are made aware of the earliest warning signs of hearing impairment in their babies. Early hearing tests done on the baby can help caregivers and parents detect signs of hearing problems and address it as quickly as possible. There are times though when hearing loss worsens over time while there are times when the situation stabilizes. In any case, you would still want to look out for the different signs that may indicate your child has a hearing problem that ought to be addressed right away. In any case, it would help if you know the signs that your baby might be suffering from hearing impairment so you would know whether to take him or her to a specialist right away for examination.

A baby with normal hearing should, at three months, respond to music or voices or ambient sounds by turning his or her eyes towards the sound. Also, if the baby is not calmed down by your soothing voice, this is also a sign that he or she is not hearing you. At seven months, a baby with normal hearing should respond to sounds by making sounds himself: cooing, babbling and again, look at you or whoever calls his name out loud. At one year old a baby should start responding to yes or no and should start saying words like “mam” or “dada” and should understand simple phrases as well as enjoy games like peek-a-boo or imitate words and sounds. And there are a number of specialists that you can take your child to but it is important that you work with a doctor that you can trust.

This is why you have to keep a few things in mind before you choose a specialist to consult with. To start with, you need to be sure that the doctor has been in practice for a long time. You have to find out if the doctor you would take your baby to has a lot of experience working with babies with hearing problems. You also need to choose a doctor that is highly recommended by his or her previous patients. Not only will these recommendations prove that the doctor is legit, they would also provide helpful firsthand information about the quality of service these specialists provide.

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