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Helping You Select The Most Effective Hearing Aid For Your Developing Child

A child only has to be 4 weeks old in order to be fitted with some sort of hearing assistive technology or hearing aid. Together with a hearing specialist, you must firstly determine which type of aid is best for your child. This is done in consultation with early intervention teams and an audiologist. Together, […]

Is It Important To Do More Than Offer School Hearing Testing?

Kids have not been hearing screened in schools since 2009. As a result, a way to protect of our children’s hearing was gone. Since some 50 million Americans have hearing loss, this really is worrying. Let’s review a number of important statistics on hearing loss to further highlight this issue. About 84% of physicians do […]

Soft Drinks – Do They Really Trigger Hearing Loss?

First of all, humans have bodies that actually evolved on a diet that is high in fiber; meaning, humans used to have a diet full of vegetables and fruits. So going against the actual nature of your body would cause health problems, not to mention the possibility that your energy level would dissipate and yes, […]

Selecting The Best Hearing Aid Design For Your Children

When you consult with an audiologist, the doctor would show you various hearing aide styles and then work with you to narrow down the number of choices in order to determine the best hearing aide style that would fit your child’s needs and preferences. But what, exactly, makes one style better or more appropriate than […]

Preventative Care: The Risk Of Child Ear Infections Is That They Can Result In Troubles In Adult Life

In medical terms, ear infections are describe as otitis media. When people have an earache, it is almost always an infection. Most ear infections occur in children, who are quite distressed by it.|However, it does also occur in adults. The middle ear, right behind the eardrum, is where most infections take place. The bones of […]

Signal Of Hearing Difficulties In Tots

Every day, there are more than thirty babies that are born with hearing problems. It is important then to have hearing tests done on your baby at the earliest possible time to determine if he or she is hearing impaired. It is also vital that parents are made aware of the earliest warning signs of […]