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What Occurs Once Your Hearing Aid Gets Wet?

You need to learn early on that your hearing aid is a complex device that needs to be taken care of in an attentive and careful manner. Although made to be strong and flexible, hearing aids can still be damaged easily if they are not properly cared for. Perhaps the most detrimental condition for a […]

A Guide To Be Confident Your Hearing Aid Is Fully Protected From Earwax

Earwax can be incredibly damaging to hearing aids. Cerumen is scooped into the sound outlet every time the hearing aid is inserted. This can be at the detriment of the sound quality. It may be necessary, therefore, to use a wax protection system, particularly if one is not built-in to the device. There are different […]

The Impact The Elements Could Have On Your Hearing Aids

It is important to understand that hearing aids are affected by both cold and hot weather. When we sweat in the hot summer months, hearing aids can get damaged by moisture. However, the cold can cause moisture damage as well. Condensation occurs when we go inside and outside of buildings, where we experience temperature fluctuations. […]

How Necessary Is A Dehumidifier For People Who Wear A Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are absolutely essential to many people. A hearing aid allows someone to enjoy a much greater quality of life, as well as helping them to avoid social isolation. This demonstrates just how important hearing aids are, and why people must take very good care of them. Hearing aids aren’t cheap, which demonstrates the […]

Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Hearing Aid

Your hearing aid represents a sizeable investment. And it has given you great value, enabling you to hear the world around you better. But as with many things, we sometimes take the things that bring the most meaning to our lives for granted, and forget to take proper care of them. Hearing aids are sensitive. […]