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What Are Various Factors Behind Ringing Ears?

The exact causes of tinnitus are often very hard to identify. However, it does often start when people experience loss of hearing. This, in turn, can be caused by a huge range of factors. There are a number of main factors that can cause this, but there are also some less common factors and even […]

The Prevalence Of Hearing Problems Amongst Vets

Hearing loss appears to be the most prevalent veteran injury. Indeed, in a recent study, it was found that some 1.2 million veteran health claims were relating to hearing loss, costing over $1.1 billion. The frightening thing about this is that most of this hearing loss is caused by exposure to noise, which we know […]

All About Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is a type of treatment suitable for people who suffer from tinnitus. It is a new type of treatment, that is based strongly on counseling. Essentially, the counseling is designed to stop patients from responding negatively to the tinnitus sound. Ultimately, the intention is for patients to no longer perceive the […]