The Brand New Hearing Aids – Intended For iPhone Users

A brand new and special hearing aid has been launched recently. This new hearing aid can connect to iPhones and all iOS devices. This has made it possible to listen to music and to use their phone. The device was created by Danish GN ReSound. The device is called LiNX and has been certified MFi (made for iPhone) by apple. It is the first hearing aid that is able to connect without using any kind of intermediary device.

Besides the LiNX, we have also seen the release of the matching iOS app. The app is the hearing aid’s remote control. All features and settings of the hearing aid can be adjusted through this app. Hence, the hearing aid can always be optimized for any type of environment. Additionally, the app has a number of standard modes for various environments. The app also has geo-fencing installed, meaning it can automatically recognize certain environments. Lastly, if someone loses their hearing aid, they can use “find my hearing”, which will help them locate it. The app has been designed in order to link hearing aids to the internet. Also, thanks to the geofencing, it is now possible for people who wear a hearing aid to always have the best quality of hearing, without having to manually make adjustments all the time. The 2.4GHz protocol that it uses is one of a kind. This protocol is unique in as such that it was made for nothing other than connecting hearing aids and iOS devices. This is why a completely unique hearing aid processor had to be designed too. One of its unique features is the speed at which is can switch on and off, but also how little electricity it uses. It is so energy efficient that a single charge can last as much as six days.

In the past, those who had hearing aids would have to wear complicated pendants or other tools in order to make any changes to their hearing aids. Now, they simply need to press a button on their iPhone and they are done. Plus, it means that people no longer have to wear any additional devices with them, since everything is done through their iPhone, which they have on them anyway. Additionally, it means they can use all of their phone’s functionality and hear them as well. Again, they would need an intermediary device for this in the past. Clearly, this really is a revolutionary invention, and it has received nothing but glowing reviews since its release. The main thing is that it truly improves people’s quality of life.

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