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Common Health Concerns Of Musicians

Musicians of all genres have had different health concerns for several years. Musicians, especially those in rock bands, need to learn about the common health problems suffered by people in the industry so they can seek the right treatments and improve their quality of life. Vocalists, regardless of music genre, is the first person to […]

If Prescription Medication Is Recommended, Might Tinnitus Be A Side-Effect?

Tinnitus happens all over the world and is a reasonably common condition. Those who suffer from tinnitus constantly hear noises, including ringing, buzzing or hissing. Those who have tinnitus report having a very poor quality of life because they end up isolated and alone. Only the person with tinnitus is able to hear the noises […]

What Are Various Factors Behind Ringing Ears?

The exact causes of tinnitus are often very hard to identify. However, it does often start when people experience loss of hearing. This, in turn, can be caused by a huge range of factors. There are a number of main factors that can cause this, but there are also some less common factors and even […]

The Prevalence Of Hearing Problems Amongst Vets

Hearing loss appears to be the most prevalent veteran injury. Indeed, in a recent study, it was found that some 1.2 million veteran health claims were relating to hearing loss, costing over $1.1 billion. The frightening thing about this is that most of this hearing loss is caused by exposure to noise, which we know […]

All About Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is a type of treatment suitable for people who suffer from tinnitus. It is a new type of treatment, that is based strongly on counseling. Essentially, the counseling is designed to stop patients from responding negatively to the tinnitus sound. Ultimately, the intention is for patients to no longer perceive the […]

Essentials of Music Therapy for Tinnitus and Other Conditions

As with most matters in life, the sounds we hear influence us depending on the quantity and quality of them. Most people, for example, take pleasure in listening to music. However, if we are at a loud rock concert or are listening to the music on earbuds turned up to an ear-splitting volume, the same […]

The Latest in Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Sufferers

Like most things in life, the sounds we hear affect us based on the quality and quantity of them. For example, for most of us, hearing music we enjoy is comforting and relaxing, but flip the volume of that music up too loud – for example at a rock concert or when using earphones on […]

What Exactly is Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and What Types of People is it Appropriate For?

It has been projected that 50 million people in the U.S. over 50 are afflicted with tinnitus. Tinnitus causes those who have it to hear continuous sounds “in their heads” that people surrounding them can’t hear – buzzing or roaring sounds, high-pitched whistling or ringing, or rapid clicking similar to the sound of crickets. For […]

What Exactly is Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)?

Tinnitus is unfortunately a widespread problem, affecting approximately 50 million people in the U.S. over 50. Those who have tinnitus hear continuous sounds that no one around them hears. These sounds vary from high-pitched ringing or whistling sounds, buzzing, or rapid clicking sounds similar to crickets chirping. Sometimes, the tinnitus is a small annoyance, while […]

Military Service Resulting in Hearing Loss and Tinnitus – What Should We Do?

Approximately 20% of all Americans have some form of hearing loss, but there is one particular segment of the population in which that percentage is notably larger – veterans, particularly those who’ve served in foreign combat zones. Hearing loss and tinnitus are now the most common service-related disabilities among military personnel who served in Iraq […]